Shabby to Chic Kitchens and Bathrooms

Updating  your kitchen and bathroom cabinets is a quick way to give your spaces a much needed make-over – without the strain of costly and extensive renovations.

I will take your tired old cupboards give them a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life in them.  The process takes very little time, about a week in most cases, with a fraction of the inconvenience living through renovations in your home. You are only one week away from a completely new kitchen!


The first step to achieving your dream kitchen is to go to our contact page and get a free project estimate / assessment.  We will require cupboard count, kitchen photos and measurements.  We will then set a date and get to work…

Day 1: Prepping the area

Upon arrival on site in the morning, the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are numbered and removed.  The outsides of the cabinets are de-greased, sanded and cleaned.  We then take care to carefully cover, with paper and plastic, any areas that will not be sprayed and seal off the room to keep any paint dust contained.  The outsides of the cabinets are then sprayed with 2 coats of a high quality high adhesion primer.

Day 2: Your kitchen is back

We arrive back at your kitchen and spray 2 – 3 coats of your chosen colour in Benjamin Moore Advance paint. Then the plastic and paper is removed and the kitchen is cleaned up and returned to you!  You can load your cupboards back up and begin using your kitchen again, without the cabinet doors.

Day 3 – 4: Perfecting the Cabinet doors

On these days, we will be at our shop working on the removed pieces. All removed cabinet pieces will go through a vigorous wash with TSP and rinsed clean to ensure the surface is free of any dirt and grease build up. Once clean, we will start the sanding and filling of any imperfections. If the existing hardware holes need to be filled and new holes drilled, we will plug the old hole locations and drill to fit your new handles.  Then the doors are scuff sanded and cleaned again with another de-greaser.

Then the doors are ready to be spray primed and painted!

Day 5: The big reveal

Installation day!  We return to your kitchen with your newly painted doors and drawer fronts and install them back to their original positions.  And your kitchen is beautiful, refreshed and customized for you! Time to show it off!!

The paint takes a week to cure and a month to fully harden so you should take care not to scratch them.

Check out some these amazing transformations I have recently given my clients kitchens: